New Batch of Formulaic WWE T-Shirts Roasted By Twitter

WWE has never been the place for high fashion. But the latest batch of Superstar t-shirt designs makes for an easy punching bag.

WWE's spring collection of swag looks like it was designed by 5th graders hoping to win a contest—the only thing missing is Comic Sans. Each new design sits somewhere on the spectrum of basic to unwearable, but we picked out a few the stink more than the rest.

First, we'll start with The Miz. For what it's worth, The A-Lister is a bit of a purist as you'll never see him wear his merchandise to the ring. However, we don't see him bucking that trend anytime soon, because Maryse may not let him leave the house in this get-up:

wwe shirt the miz

Jeff Hardy didn't fare much better as his shirt design looks wholly irrelevant to anything he does in a WWE ring. However, after staring at it for a couple hours we did notice the artwork makes Hardy's initials.

wwe shirt jeff hardy

It's hard enough being a noob in WWE, but when you have to parade around in goody t-shirt, it makes things so much worse. This is the story of Ember Moon.

WWE shirt ember moon

"You would think this to be a Lord of the rings shirt or for someone who’s big into solar eclipses if it didn’t have the words Ember Moon on it. Couldn’t even put a wolf or I don’t know something resembling her character?!"

NXT stud, Ricochet will have to transcend his t-shirt design too. We can't tell if this is meant for an 8u soccer team or this is future XFL squad. Regardless, Ricochet is probably looking forward to his next design.

WWE shirt ricochet

"It's like these shirts were created by high school kids who have never seen wrestling as an art class project and were only given brief descriptions about who they were designing the shirt for."


Inspired by WWE's latest trend, Twitter user @localsoundwave took a guess at what the next batch will look like.

However, we all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you're living with this new thread the go get some at WWE Shop.