WWE Superstar Fined $1 Million

Fresh off a successful super show in Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel, WWE is now dealing with the aftermath and attitudes of some of their biggest stars. While Roman Reigns continues his reign as Universal Champion, anchoring SmackDown on Fridays as Head of the Table, challengers have been lining up to see if they can take the throne.

At Crown Jewel, this fell to Brock Lesnar, the former UFC heavyweight and NFL prospect that returned to WWE for his current run with the company. Losing at Crown Jewel was not in the cards, at least in storyline, and led to Lesnar taking out his frustration on Reigns, the Bloodline and the SmackDown locker room. This includes on-screen SmackDown official Adam Pearce, who is a former NWA champ in reality and far from just the onscreen suit we see on television.

Against Brock Lesnar, though, he is just another body in the way leading to a blistering attack one week ago on the Fox broadcast. Lesnar left Pearce torn to shreds in the ring, clothing falling from his body after a pair of F5s in response to an indefinite suspension. After that beating, the company has now upped the storyline from an indefinite suspension by adding a $1 million fine against The Beast.

While many wrestlers have faced hardcore fines in the past through their onscreen actions, few likely had the real world cash or contract to make it seem realistic. Lesnar is far out of that category due to his decade back with WWE, but it's less about believing the fine and more about offering a wide breadth until his likely return at Royal Rumble. Lesnar's most recent came at SummerSlam to challenge Reigns at the future Crown Jewel show in Saudi Arabia. With that passed, Lesnar can return to his home in the middle of nowhere until WWE calls on him again to do what he does best.

Reports have hinted that plans have Reigns retaining his title through WrestleMania, with a potential return for Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson to beat the Head of the Table. This also means that plans for Lesnar going forward aren't entirely clear. It's also not the first time he's been storyline suspended by the company either, facing similar circumstances upon his original return after "breaking" Triple H's arm and leading to a series of matches.


It will be interesting to see where the storyline takes the main event players. Fans are already on board, though and are cheering on Pearce's decision and choice of fine.