The Miz's Award Show Gets Ruined by Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins

There's something brewing between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

The Miz hosted his first ever "Mizzie" Awards" where he would hand out trophies to his Miztourage and lovely wife, Maryse, for their performances from last night's Great Balls of Fire.

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After awarding himself "Best Man in WWE" The Miz got rolling on his acceptance speech. After singing his own praises for a bit, he went on to specifically target both Rollins and Ambrose.

For Rollins, The Miz would mock him about his recent loss to Bray Wyatt. For Ambrose, he would get belittled for not being able to handle WWE's bigger moments. On top of insulting Ambrose, he would pay him quite the compliment calling him the toughest wrestler in WWE.

Oddly, the nice words brought out Ambrose.

In a storm, Ambrose socked Miz in the jaw but was quickly outnumbered by the Miztourage. While getting stomped by 3 men, the crowd signaled help was on the way. Sure enough, he comes Seth Rollins to help out an old buddy.

The Shield is back! Well, 2/3 of it anyway.

Eh, maybe not.

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As soon as WWE returned from the commercial break, we saw Rollins and Ambrose backstage. When Ambrose asked why Rollins felt like he needed to show up, the Kingslayer didn't say it was to save Ambrose, but to protect his own name. Ambrose seemed content in that response and that Rollins was not trying to be friendly because the Lunatic still doesn't trust the Architect.


Rollins is fighting Wyatt again later tonight in WWE's mandatory post PPV follow-up match. Something tells us that it won't end cleanly. We could see the Miz enter the fray or even Ambrose himself.


Regardless, it looks like WWE may be cooking something with Ambrose and Rollins, maybe and odd couple pairing. Maybe a story revolving around trust. Or Maybe Rollins goes straight into an Intercontinental Championship program with the Miz that drives all the way to SummerSlam.