WWE: Ryback Blames John Cena For Ruining The Nexus

On the latest edition of his podcast, Conversation with the Big Guy, Ryback attempted to shell shock the wrestling dirt sheets when he weighed in on the demise of the Nexus faction. Before The Shield came along, the Nexus took a group of rookies from the first season of NXT and ran roughshod over the WWE landscape. While the faction seemed destined for greatness, Ryback says John Cena ultimately made the decision to put them down for good.

Nexus made their memorable debut on the June 7 episode of Raw by interrupting a main event between CM Punk with John Cena. The group consisted of Wade Barrett, Ryback, Justin Gabriel, Ryback, Darren Young, Michael Tarver and Daniel Bryan. While their invasion angle eventually fizzled due to injuries, Cena has often been attributed for stealing the group's heat by single-handedly defeating Barrett and Justin Gabriel in the two-on-one finish of an elimination match at SummerSlam.

Ryback gave his take.

It was a great faction and it was underutilized.

It was not used properly mainly because of John Cena. F***ing marks, that's your headline for the f***ing week. And it's a fact across the board. Everybody knows it and he did not want that to go any further than what it was going to go passed because it was working, because it was eight guys getting over naturally. That's why. God forbid guys get over naturally.

So, there you go, marks. It's all true! Or so he says. This news shouldn't come as a shock. Wrestling history is littered with stories of top superstars wanting to keep their spot by squashing the next big thing before it could overtake them. Hulk Hogan made an entire career out of it.

Do you think the Nexus should have gone on to bigger and better things?


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