WWE's Future Plans for Kurt Angle Revealed

After an impressive showing at WWE's TLC pay-per-view, it sounds like Kurt Angle may have earned himself more matches.

According to CageSideSeats, Angle will never be a full-time wrestler, however, WWE may be planning on using him for bigger shows. Specifically, the report mentions that Angle will be used at the "Big 4" pay-per-views, in the same way, that Triple H, Shane McMahon, and The Undertaker, have been employed in recent years.

The next "Big 4" pay-per-view is Survivor series, however, it looks like Angle won't be having his own match. There is the possibility that he enters himself in the Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown match along with Shane McMahon, though. WWE appears to have left room for this to develop as neither brand has assembled their team yet.

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Even more, Both Shane and Angle have participated in their show's most recent pay-per-views, so they at least have the relevant record of performance. The chances of Shane and Angle getting physical at Survivor series are good, but whether or not that are active participants in a match remains to be seen.

However, even if Shane and Angle keep their hands off of one another, it seems like a long-term feud between them is brewing. The could reasonably have a high stakes match at the Royal Rumble or of course, WrestleMania.

The wrestling world was shocked to hear that Angle was making his return to TLC after 11 years had passed since his last WWE match. What made the surprise even better was how good Angle looked during the contest as he hit multiple German Suplexes and a couple Angle slams to prove that he still has it.

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WWE made sure that Angle's return was done safely. As irony has it, this was accomplished by having Braun STrwoman powerslam him through a table, but that served as a reason for Angle to take a 15-minute breather backstage after being "helped" by WWE medical team backstage. It also gave Angle the opportunity to come out to his music, something he forwent to participate in the Shield's entrance.

Now that Angle is medically cleared and proven that he can physically still do it, expect WWE to use him in several storylines over the course of the next year.


This should be fun.