This New WWE Network Survey Will Shock You

Every once in a while, WWE likes to send out a survey to current WWE Network subscribers to get a pulse on the direction of the streaming service.

In the past, WWE has explored the idea of adding different priced tiers to the service, where being part of a higher tier would grant you access to some exclusive content. They have previously explored the idea of adding other independent wrestling companies to the WWE Network, but today's survey talks about adding TNA Wrestling/Global Force Wrestling. Not only that, but it mentions offering both archived and new content from GFW.

Take a look at some screenshots of the survey below.


Of note, besides the obviously surprising mention of GFW/TNA, is the mention of Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro-Wrestling. There have been reports before that ROH was being considered for the WWE Network. The idea of NJPW coming to the Network seems unlikely due to the company already offering their own streaming service, though it's possible they could be open to extending their reach.

GFW is currently on the ropes (yet again) due to the on-going situation with Jeff Jarrett. If the company does close it's doors once and for all, WWE would quickly snatch up the tape library. The idea of WWE Network being open to airing new content from GFW, though, is quite surprising.

The idea of WWE airing the UK's ICW and PROGRESS wrestling content could become a reality once the WWE UK brand starts to gain more steam. WWE already has a working relationship with both companies, so it's not all that surprising to see them listed by name.

Also of note in the survey is WWE floating the idea of broadcasting house shows. With their own Network, it's somewhat surprising that this hasn't already become a thing. It would be fairly easy for the company to stream a raw video stream from a few ringside cameras, though there would always be the worry that it could hurt ticket sales in some markets. Even so, WWE routinely aired house shows on local television in the 1980s and 1970s in some markets (New York, Boston, and Toronto come to mind), so this kind of move has historical precedence.


WWE also floats the idea of bringing back a TV-14, "Attitude Era" type wrestling show, as well as alternate commentaries and more tournaments, among other things. The company is clearly still very much in on adding the tiered pricing option to the service eventually.

Just because an idea is listed in the survey doesn't mean it is anywhere close to actually becoming a reality or even remotely possible. It's just WWE taking a pulse of their audience, though the responses they get to this survey could certainly alter the future of the WWE Network and how open they are to some quite revolutionary ideas.