WWE Interested in Producing Major Independent Wrestling Show in 2019

WWE continues to be more open to working with outside wrestling companies, and that new ideology [...]

WWE continues to be more open to working with outside wrestling companies, and that new ideology could really blow open the doors in 2019.

According to a report in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE is looking at possibly putting together some sort of major independent wrestling show in 2019 that would air on the WWE Network.

If the idea were to come to fruition, there are a handful of companies that come to mind right away that would be involved. WWE already has a working relationship with PROGRESS and ICW (Insane Championship Wrestling) from the U.K., as well as EVOLVE here in the United States. Additionally, the company just signed a working agreement with Pro Wrestling NOAH out of Japan.

WWE has often floated the idea of airing outside wrestling promotion's television on the WWE Network in the past on their fan surveys. There has been talk for a couple of years now of airing PROGRESS and ICW on the WWE Network, with the idea so close to happening at one point that WWE was mentioning it publicly. However, Vince McMahon changed his idea on that and it was halted.

Lately, the idea of airing PROGRESS and ICW has again come back up for discussion within WWE, and that could become a reality for real this time in the coming months. If that were the case, their talent would certainly be involved on any major independent show WWE produced that united a handful of companies together under one roof for one night only.

Triple H noted during an interview in the U.K. recently that the promotion is now open to "working with anyone," so many fans will be clamoring for WWE to bring in some New Japan Pro Wrestling stars for a show such as this. Though NJPW isn't exactly an independent level promotion, with the company easily the second biggest promotion in the world, many of their top stars still work for some of the most successful independent promotions in the world like ROH.

People like Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks have made no bones about the fact that they would like to work a match with the New Day, and vice versa. If a WWE Network special event actually happened which involved outside companies, there's no doubt the rumor mill will heat up about a possible Bullet Club appearance at the show. Whether or not WWE would be open to that is the real question.

Right now, that would still seem rather unlikely, with WWE probably more interested in working with the previously mentioned independent promotions that they are already working talent exchanges with.