Watch Karl Anderson Teach His Son To 'Beat Up John Cena'

Did Karl Anderson just win the father of the year award? The Club member posted a video today of his five year old son learning how to beat up 16 time WWE Champion, John Cena.

If anyone knows how to #BeatUpJohnCena, its the guys who made his life miserable before the brand split of 2016. The Club and AJ had quite the feud with the Cenation leader, coining the social media hashtag in the process.

While Kevin Owens' son may still be a big fan of Cena, Karl Anderson is teaching his son how to follow the darker side of wrestling. Considering how the WWE is built on second and third generation stars, this may be the video we see shown on the titantron 20 years from now when little Anderson makes his debut.

The future Club member has good technique and with a teacher as skilled as Anderson in his corner, his pre school should probably steer clear of him during recess time.

Anderson recently joined For the Win to discuss his own career of beating people up and how he felt about The Club's first year with the WWE.

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"It was a crash course in WWE. One week you'll be beating people up and being physical and the next week you'll be doing entertaining things and trying to develop a story. It's something we always wanted to do.


"We love the physical aspect and we love the entertaining aspect. A lot of the Bullet Club stuff that what we did in New Japan was based on having fun and being entertaining, but when it was time to get in the ring, we could handle business there too. I'm looking forward to seeing what we do next."

Raw's tag team division is loaded and while don't know what's next for Anderson in the ring, this father/son bonding time is just too sweet.