Jim Ross On Who WWE Can Go "All The Way" With

Is Braun Stowman approaching the land of rare popularity? Over the past few months, the Monster Among Men has found himself in a dramatic, natural transition. Earlier this year, Strowman was the prototypical "monster heel." Now, he finds himself gravitating on the other end of the spectrum as fans have begun to treat him like a babyface.

WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross thinks that this switch may be something that could reach a lucrative level of popularity. In his latest blog post, Good Ol JR expanded on that idea:

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"Based on what I saw Monday night on Raw regarding Braun Strowman, I can easily see WWE going all the way with the giant athlete from North Carolina. A Lesnar-Strowman high level contest down the road is going to make a compelling main event and could elevate Strowman to the rarefied air community. Seems to me, simply by watching as fan, that when Braun walked away from the ambulance crash of a few weeks ago, that he walked away as a character 'Face' or a least that's how I took it. Bottom line, it will be challenging for many fans to truly dislike this huge man. WWE has done a really nice job building Strowman to his current level."

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The transitional moment for Stroman came at Great Balls of Fire when Roman Reigns locked the huge man into an ambulance and sent it crashing into a parked semi-truck. After help from the local fire department, Strowman would emerge bloodied and beaten. He limped off but the huge display of violence may have been worth it.

Last night of RAW, Strowman returned, the first time we'd seen him since his crash. When his entrance music flooded the arena, the crowd reciprocated with a roar of their own. And why wouldn't they? Every time he makes an appearance on WWE camera, something novel will happen.


This is the essence of Braun Strowman. When he's on RAW, we have to tune in because it's likely that he can produce something we've never seen before - like tipping over an ambulance. Braun Strowman is everything that is right about professional wrestling. The man is a spectacle. Even more, he may be the next Universal Champion.