ECW Legend Nearly Loses His Eye

In 1997, if someone told you that an ECW star nearly lost his eye, you'd probably not even shrug your shoulders. 20 years later, however, it's pretty shocking. Former ECW and WWE hardcore legend, Tommy Dreamer, posted a photo this morning on Instagram of an attack that nearly took out his left eye. 

As opposed to a wrestling stunt gone wrong, this attack came from Dreamer's own best friend; his dog. 

"Scary day, I almost lost my eye. Was in bed in am petting my dog.switched to pet the other & he lunged forward to get more scratching & he put his paw right in my eye. I've never felt so much pain & I've been on fire, in barbed wire tacks & hit in balls w/a cane that knocked me out. Went to Dr, scratched cornea, it ripped my contact in half, we can't find other half. Dr said contact probably saved my eye. Pain is pretty intense Can't open it. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day

I think I'd still take the dog scratch to a cane in between the legs, but that's just me.

We wish Tommy a full and speedy recovery!

You can listen to's Over The Ropes podcast discussing the Royal Rumble, Undertaker's Wrestlemania plans and Seth Rollins' knee injury below: 

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