WWE Rewarded Their Talent With a Great Christmas Present

When word broke a couple of months ago that WWE would be broadcasting RAW live on Christmas night, as well as SmackDown live the next night, their were undoubtedly some displeased performers and staff.

In the past, WWE has often cancelled shows the week of the holidays and ran a taped broadcast to give their crew some time off with their families. However, this year USA Network made it known that they wanted a live broadcast of RAW on Christmas night, so WWE had no choice to oblige.

Surprisingly, the television ratings didn't suffer all that much even with the show happening on a major holiday. RAW's audience this week was only down three percent versus the week prior. It seems that wrestling fans around the country, after spending the rest of the day with their families, were ready to tune in for their weekly WWE action.

However, the WWE performers and production crew were still away from their own families. So WWE took it upon themselves as a company to honor the sacrifice by throwing a backstage Christmas party at the RAW broadcast in Chicago on Monday night. Who would have ever thought the site of this year's WWE office party would be the Allstate Arena?

Not only that, but PWInsider also reports that WWE even paid for the hotel bills for the entire RAW and SmackDown rosters this week due to the fact that they had to work through the holidays. Typically, performers have to pay for their own travel arrangements.


There have been many criticisms of WWE as a company over the years when it comes to talent relations, but there's no denying that this was a quality gesture on their part. Kudos to WWE on a job well done.