Woken Matt Hardy Debuts New Music at MSG Live Event

When "Woken" Matt Hardy unleashed himself upon WWE, no one was sure how much the character would resemble the Impact original. However, Woken Matt looks and acts a lot like Broken Matt, and now has the music to prove it.

In the days of Broken Matt Hardy in Impact, the eccentric character typically walked out to a brooding piano piece, sometimes performed by his wife, Reby Hardy. While Reby likely won't be appearing in WWE, the piano already has. Tuesday night at RAW's live event in Madison Square Garden, Broken Matt Hardy introduced a new ring entrance accompanied by a classic piece of piano play to set the mood for his upcoming Deletion.

It's hard to tell just how far Woken Matt can go in WWE, but Vince McMahon and Co. are certainly putting him in a position to succeed. With his authentic character intact, Hardy will bring his feud with Bray Wyatt to 205 Live events in January. While it may not be the big run that Hardy's die hard supporter may have imagined, its still very early in the character's WWE arch.

For Woken fans, we should hope that Hardy is able to land a consequential WrestleMania match. He'll have to fight through WWE's urge to stick him in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, but if he can put together a fun program with Bray Wyatt in the coming weeks he can ride that success up WWE's card and maybe even shoot for a secondary championship.


In the meantime, Woken Matt will continue to to serenade us with his idiosyncrasies and piano sonatas. While yet to have wrestled on RAW, Woken Matt has been a hit so far in his opening act. Here's to more weirdness!