Vince McMahon Reportedly Smitten With 'Woken' Matt Hardy

WWE would like us to think that their creative decisions come about in a democratic manner. However, we all know there is a certain dictator who's opinion reigns supreme. And luckily for 'Woken' Matt Hardy, he not only has the approval of Vince McMahon, but the adoration.

A report from states that Vince McMahon fully supports the new 'Woken' character and is willing to give Hardy at least some creative freedom. Even more, Vince sees the 'Woken' gimmick as a slam dunk because the character is already established and largely popular.

This news comes after Hardy made his bombastic debut on RAW this week in a dueling promo with Bray Waytt. Flashing his sophisticated accent and eccentric language Hardy won over the Los Angeles crowd in literally seconds. And if that weren't enough the 'Woken' promo made YouTube's trending list.

For Hardy and his fans, the backing of Vince McMahon comes as a yet another windfall moment for the Woken/Broken Universe. Although many of his devout followers were excited to see the legal chains removed in Hardy and Anthem's dispute over intellectual property, they were leery to get too invested. Historically speaking, WWE doesn't do well, or chooses to do nothing, with concepts from other promotions. The reasons for this abound and debatable but hardly unwarranted.

However, WWE has been generous as of late when it comes to allowing transplants to keep some of their identity. AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Bobby Roode were all allowed to keep their ring names when they made the jump to WWE. Hardy being not just allowed, but enabled to keep up a fully developed character and use with minimal alterations in WWE is unprecedented. It this moment, Hardy looks to be the exception that proves the rule.


With Vince behind him 'Woken' Matt Hardy may be on the verge of magic.