Vince McMahon Handing Over 205 Live to Triple H

For 205 Live, 2017 saw the departure of Neville, the arrest of Rich Swann, and the firing of Enzo Amore. The volatile year has many fans postulating that WWE's Cruiserweight division may be a cursed undertaking. However, in hopes of turning things around, 205 Live just got a new general.

Since it's inception, Vince McMahon maintained creative control over the Cruiserweight show. But according to PWInsider, Vince is stepping down and handing the reigns to Triple H.

The transition is reportedly already underway as some fans have noticed noticeable differences in the show's presentation. Under Vince, 205 aimed to be character driven fueled by backstage segments and quirkier personalities. Under that umbrella, Enzo Amore made for the perfect choice of Cruiserweight Champion. However, that version of the show ran counter to its foundation.

The Cruiserweight Classic, a tournament built around the world's best cruiserweight performers was the original inspiration for 205 Live. Since the CWC was built around showcasing talent, not amplifying personalities, the cruiserweights impressed heaps of WWE fans with their high octane style of wrestling. And while that was still part of 205 Live, it was more of a complimentary note, rather than the show's identity.

But Triple H is taking 205 Live back to its roots.

Keen eyes have noticed that recent Cruiserweight matches have been longer, focusing more on the world-class ability of the wrestlers instead of making them recite promos. This is no accident, as PWInsider reports that the sentiment backstage was the Cruiserweights would never be able to distinguish themselves from WWE's regular programming if they were simply echoing the philosophy but as smaller athletes.

It's hard to measure the success of 205 Live under McMahon. Given the show suffered so many casualties, it never really was able to sustain any momentum it created. However, good things tend to happen when Triple H has creative control of a show. NXT, the ultimate precedent for WWE subsidiaries like CWC, Mae Young Classic, and Dusty Rhodes Classic, was Triple H's baby from the beginning and has kept exceptional standing with its fans for years.


Hopefully, Triple H can use the same magic to restore 205 Live.