The Undertaker Could Be Training for Another Wrestling Match

If you're a long time wrestling fan, you've probably learned to never say never. Earlier this year, we thought we saw the final match in the career of The Undertaker. Turns out, there's a possibility we may be seeing him in the ring again.

Prior to SummerSlam, we learned that Undertaker was traveling to Brooklyn for the event. He was spotted at an airport on his way to the Big Apple, and he was backstage at the show despite not being used on the air.

Now we have learned that 'Taker was in the ring training prior to SummerSlam, courtesy of a report by PWInsider. Obviously, he could have just been messing around since he was at the event, but the references to him on television of late could lead you to believe more is planned in the future.

Roman Reigns has always made it a point to mention that he ended the career of the Undertaker when conducting promos since WrestleMania. However, this week on RAW that point became even more emphasized. Reigns mentioned that he had done something that Cena never could by ending The Undertaker's career. Cena then went on to directly respond to that, calling out the fact that Undertaker had a messed up hip and was at the end of his career.

Reports suggest that a Cena vs. Undertaker match at WrestleMania could still be on the table. This could explain Cena's comments on RAW. Additionally, PWInsider reports that a Cena vs. Undertaker match is also possibly in the cards for Survivor Series to boost interest in the show, similar to how Goldberg's return was placed at Survivor Series last year.


There's no doubt that a match-up between John Cena and the Undertaker at WrestleMania is a dream contest. In fact it's one of the very few WrestleMania dream bouts that would excite fans across generations. It's been talked about for several years, and Cena has commented in the past that he would love to face the Phenom at the biggest show of the year.

The coming months should be an interesting time in WWE. You never know when you might hear that iconic gong ring out once more.