The Undertaker was Backstage For SmackDown

Despite an abundance of rumors tying The Undertaker to a WWE comeback, there has been little [...]

Despite an abundance of rumors tying The Undertaker to a WWE comeback, there has been little redeemable evidence that the Deadman will indeed return to the ring. However, Tuesday night saw a strong indication that he and WWE may be generating a plan together.

According to PWInsider, The Undertaker was backstage at the Birmingham, Alabama SmackDown Live taping Tuesday night. While it could have been just a friendly visit, there are already rumors alleging that Taker was in town to see WWE's orthopedic specialists in Birmingham.

What we do know is that Undertaker is booked for RAW's 25th Anniversary episode on January 22nd. The current sentiment is that The Deadman and WWE will use that stage to launch a WrestleMania feud. At this moment John Cena appears to be the popular pick for Undertaker's next opponent, but that can be considered speculative. Because even though there are a plethora of reports claiming that Undertaker will be finding his next opponent at RAW's silver anniversary, some camps think that Undertaker will use the elevated platform to make a formal retirement address.

At this point, all we have are guesses, semi-educated ones at that. The internet has never been short on Undertaker rumors and his appearance at SmackDown will keep that fire burning.

If we were forced to make a prediction, it feels like The Undertaker is coming back for a match with Cena. Given what we know about Cena's schedule, it doesn't appear he will win the Royal Rumble, freeing him up for a big match at WrestleMania 34. And as far as The Undertaker is concerned there has been so much smoke since WrestleMania 33 about him having another match that it feels inevitable at this point. Jim Ross indicated this earlier in 2017 by reiterating that the Undertaker has yet to officially retire, and as far as Ross is concerned, the Deaman is still alive.

We'll know more over the next few week and will keep you updated.