The Ultimate Deletion Earns Hot Opinions from WWE Legends and Fans

Woken Matt Hardy finally brought his magnum opus, The Ultimate Deletion to the WWE Universe—and the review are in.

WWE dedicated the final 20 minutes of RAW to broadcast Bray Wyatt's journey into the Hardy Compound. Featuring a world of eccentric characters and mind-bending surrealism, Matt Hardy's Woken Universe made an impression on WWE fans and former wrestlers alike.

However, those feelings are just as strong as they are mixed.

Some loved it:

Others really hated it:


Regardless of your opinion, we can applaud WWE for trying something new. Even more, they gave Hardy and Wyatt the final chapter of RAW, a gesture that certainly was not necessary. So yes, it was weird, but I you were expecting something straightforward, then you missed hundreds of context clues.

Congrats to Matt Hardy for fighting and winning this battle to bring his creation to life.