Trish Stratus Teasing Appearance in Women's Royal Rumble

Now that the Women's Royal Rumble is official, WWE is going to have to hustle to find enough competitors. However, they may have just gotten their first volunteer.

We haven't seen Trish Stratus in a WWE ring since 2011. However, now that WWE will be taking applicants to fill out the 20, maybe 30, women match in January, we all may be in for some Stratusfaction. Upon RAW's big news, the 42-year old posted a Tweet that already has 11,000 likes.

The Royal Rumble is no stranger to one off appearances by WWE Legends or nostalgia acts. Seeing that Trish is arguably the greatest female Superstar in WWE history, she'd certainly be considered the former. As a 7-time Women's Champion, Stratus was a lock for the Hall of Fame in 2013 and if her music does indeed hit on January 28th, the Philadelphia crowd would explode with glee.

We'll go out on a limb her and guarantee that Trish Stratus will be at the Rumble. Given how integral she was to the evolution of women's wrestling combined with how beloved she is, WWE will not hesitate to send to her to the ring. Even more, we can expect other blasts from the past to help fill out the expansive match.


We can also expect WWE to draw from NXT's pool of talent to bolster the match, especially if they are eyeing a 30-woman contest. The next few weeks will be a blast as the women of WWE finally have something to chase other than Championships. We can't wait!