Triple H Coming to SmackDown to Thwart Kevin Owens?

The storyline between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon may be leading to the involvement of a certain in-law of the McMahon family.

According to StillRealToUs, Triple H is set to intervene in Kevin Owens' war against Shane and Vince McMahon. As per the report, Owens planned to not just beat Shane at Hell in a Cell, but to do so convincingly - perhaps in a gratuitous manner. This will lead to Shane being written off of television. With Shane gone that leaves room for Triple H to assume an on-screen authority role. Despite he and Owens having a positive real-life relationship, we can assume that Triple H will be coming to the thwart the evil-doing KO in the name of the McMahon Family.

This should still be treated as a tenuous rumor. As fun as it would be, Kevin Owens finds himself attached to other future plans. There's a rumor floating around that he'll be entering a program with Bobby Roode after Hell in a Cell. This would be feud designed to make Roode look like a star as he'd be working with the hottest heel on SmackDown.

However, there was a story circulating earlier this summer that Triple H was scheduled to become a regular on Tuesday nights. Both the Roode and Triple H tumor can coexist. Roode could potentially team with Triple H at Survivor Seris in a cause against Kevin Owens. Or Triple H could wait until December to until December to show up which would build in a potential WrestleMania Match between him an KO.

We haven't seen Triple H since his WrestleMania 33 match with Seth Rollins. His absence has been a little conspicuous considering how integral of a part of WWE he is. However, WWE has bounced along nicely as they have managed to keep strong booking through SummerSlam.

The Cerebral Assassin showing up at SmackDown would change the landscape of WWE. Really, it's a brilliant idea especially if WWE is truly interested in keeping SmackDown hot.

This is likely the first of several stories on this subject. We will keep you updated as we learn more. It's probably best to treat this more as an idea rather than a fact. There's a lot of room for WWE to call an audible.




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