Watch: Titus O'Neil's Trip Becomes 'Latest RKO Outta Nowhere' Meme

The internet enshrined Randy Orton's RKO into the Meme Hall of Fame years ago, but thanks for Titus O'Neil's legendary tumble at the Greatest Royal Rumble, the RKO Outta Nowhere is back on tour.

As the wrestling world belly-laughed at Titus' blunder, one luminary had the idea to apply the classic meme to the footage.

It didn't take long for Orton himself to join the party.

Even Titus had to marvel at the internet's quick response.

Orton's RKO swept pop culture by storm when wrestling fans started applying the potent finisher to videos of things falling. The beauty lies in the simplicity as you can watch Orton, typically with a Jim Ross overdub, sneak up on unsuspecting vloggers, animals, parkour hopefuls, doomed rockets or anything else that has been negatively affected by gravity.

This sensational meme made Orton's RKO the most popular finisher in WWE by a long shot and even though the internet trend has passed, fans still wet themselves with glee everytime Orton strikes in a WWE ring.

This demonstrable popularity has made it easy for Randy Orton keep a prominent spot in WWE and perhaps Titus' installment could reignite the trend.

Now that WrestleMania season is officially over, Orton will look to climb the ranks of SmackDown in 2018. For now, it looks like he'll hang around Jeff Hardy and the United States Championship, but Orton's pedigree and uber-popular finisher could easily catapult him back into WWE's main event if needed.


This time last year, Orton was WWE Champion. After winning the 2017 Royal Rumble, The Viper went on to pin Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 33 to win his 13th World Championship. After that, Orton entered a highly polarizing feud with an unlikely foe in Jinder Mahal. The duo entered a rivalry that lasted all summer and says Mahal actually beat Orton at three pay-per-views en route to becoming one of the most unanticipated WWE Champions in history.

Since Orton has wandered around SmackDown's upper mid-card until he became United States Champion at February's Fastlane event. The win made Orton a Grand Slam Champion, and he'll likely spend the next month or say trying to regain the same belt.