Triple H Joins The Shield During WWE's U.K. Tour

Even though one of their best home run hitters in Roman Reigns is out, WWE continues to swing for the fences. In their attempt to make sure fans still get a memorable experience WWE has already used Kurt Angle as an honorary member of the Shield. And now, Triple H is filling in for The Big Dog.

During Wednesday nights how in Glasgow, Not only did Triple H tag with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose again Bray Wyatt and The Bar, but he did it in full tactical gear. Even more, he did Roman's patented roar before triple power bombing Cesaro. And if that weren't enough Triple H actually struck the iconic fist bump pose with his new Shield coverage.

Fans from the show wasted no time in publishing dozens of photos and videos to document the rare sighting.

As fun as this was, don't expect Triple H to still be in the Shield once he returns to America. However, he still is scheduled to wrestle several more times on the UK tour so it's likely he'll remain an interim Hound of Justice.

Triple H saved the day just last week in Santiago, Chile, too. After Kevin Owens had to fly back to the US for a personal emergency, The Game served as his sudden replacement. Even more, Triple H handed over his pay from the event to KO. What a guy!

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It's obviously no secret, but Triple H wrestling again it going to have a dramatic effect on WWE in the near future. All signs point to him getting involved with the current Kurt Angle/Stephanie McMahon storyline.


What a time to be a wrestling fan!