The Rock Rumored for RAW's 25th Anniversary Episode

Even though WWE booked some colossal names for the 25th Anniversary episode of RAW, there has yet to be any mention of The Rock attending. Well, that just changed.

According to Cagesideseats, there's talk within WWE that The Rock may make a surprise appearance, even if just by satellite.

Given that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Undertaker, and Shawn Michaels will all be at RAW's silver anniversary, The Rock seems like a logical fit for the show. However, the question isn't if The Rock wants to appear it's more a matter of if he is available. Dwayne Johnson is arguably the most in-demand actor in Hollywood, making nearly every minute of his time precious. However, seeing that the Rock has kept a WWE priority since blowing up on the silver screen, we like the odds he shows up January 22nd.

2015 saw Rocky endorse Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble and surprise approaches at a random live event where he planted Bo Dallas with a Rock Bottom. In 2016 he traded barbs with the New Day on RAW, but 2017 marked the first time in 6 years Roky did not appear at WrestleMania. So with our roulette wheel math, we can draw the flimsy conclusion that The Rock will be making another WWE cameo in the near future.

We'll assume that he'll be at RAW 25 in one way or another. If anything, he can send a pre-taped, congratulatory promo to WWE and they'll gladly put it on air.


However, we can't but to wish he shows up and electrifies us all one more time.