Chris Jericho Is Certain the Rock Will Run for President

At this very moment, a WWE Hall of Famer is the most powerful human in the world. However, could a WWE all-time great be President Trump's successor? Chris Jericho certainly thinks so.

Y2J joined the Rich Eisen Show and discussed the subject of The Rock running for POTUS surfaced. Jericho had a funny, yet oddly poignant take on the possibility of The Great One entering a Presidential race.

"I have no doubt that [a Rock candidacy] is going to happen," he dished. "Honestly, I do. Not to get political, but I think we're in the era now of celebrity Presidents. I think our current President got in because he knew how to work a camera. I think Rock knows how to work a camera better than Trump does, and has much more charisma, and [is] much more likable."

"Because you don't even need the experience to be a President anymore," he continued. "All you need to do is just have the celebrity value. So I honestly think The Rock will run for President. I really do."

We're going to keep our nose out of any political commentary, but Jericho does make an interesting argument. Charisma is a crucial element to any successful politician and The Rock is one of the most magnetic personalities to ever walk the Earth. Even further, The Rock has never been shy about entertaining Presidential possibilities.


For now, The Rock is occupied as one of Hollywood's most bankable stars. But his lucrative success could be a means to a Presidential end. If the 2016 Election taught us anything, it's that we can rule out nothing.