The Miz and Maryse Share Horrifying Footage of California Wildfires

At this point in his career, The Miz is probably more comfortable with fire than the rest of us. He's been in the ring when Kane's pyrotechnics detonate and he's seen plenty controlled fire and explosions when on the set of Marine 6. But when entire mountains are on fire, well, he's just as terrified as the rest of us.

The California wildfires have turned chunks of Los Angeles and Ventura County into a smoldering mass of post-apocalyptic terrain. As the fires continue to sweep across over 100,000 acres, tens of thousands of residents have evacuated, and thousands of emergency responders are fighting to kill the inferno. The Miz and his wife Maryse caught first-hand footage on their drive to the airport.


These images look otherworldly. Fueled by the Santa Ana winds, the wildfires now threaten to creep into residential areas, including the famous neighborhood of Bel Air.