Dean Ambrose Ruins The Miz's Championship Celebration

Believe it or not, a Championship celebration did not go quite as planned tonight on RAW. The Miz attempted to celebrate his latest Intercontinental Championship victory over Dean Ambrose, but The Lunatic Fringe managed to close down the party in his own way.

During the celebration, a bear mascott was dancing in the ring behind Miz and Maryse with a congratulations sign. A paranoid Miz quickly hit the mascot with a Skull Crushing Finale. When Miz went to pull the mascot's head off and reveal Dean Ambrose, he was shocked to find it was just a kid in a costume. Next, a giant present was rolled down to the ring and The Miz began attacking it with a chair and elbow drops before Maryse begged him to stop because it was actually a grand father clock that she had purchased for him.

Miz continued to call out Ambrose, but didn't realize Dean was right behind him, disguised as the camera man. Dean attacked Miz and dropped him with a Dirty Deeds.

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In the highly anticipated Intercontinental Championship rematch with Ambrose on Extreme Rules, Miz managed to beat the Lunatic Fringe in a surprisingly almost clean win, after all signs pointing to a predicted disqualification-- which in this "extreme" case, would have led to a forfeiture of the belt.

With the victory, Miz pulled into second place for most Intercontinental Championship reigns all-time. He was tied with Jeff Jarrett at 6. Chris Jericho is the only man with more at 9.

Ambrose defeated The Miz for the IC title back in January, when both were members of the SmackDown Live roster. The feud picked back up when both came to Raw in the 2017 Superstar Shake-Up.


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