Maryse Talks Seeing The Miz Cry for the First Time in 12 Years

WWE fans are quite used to seeing The Miz in an emotional state. There's arguably nobody in the company better at coming out, working the microphone, and getting a response out of the crowd through his wildly emotional promos.

One emotion fans haven't seen much of from The Miz, though, has been tears. Recently, his wife (Maryse) spoke about seeing her husband cry for the first time in their 12 year relationship.

What was it that brought The Miz to tears? As will be no surprise to any parents out there, it was his baby daughter and having to leave her at home while he hits the road for WWE.

During an interview with with People, Maryse spoke out with all the details.

"He was telling me how hard it is to leave us. He knew it was going to be hard but it's a lot harder than he thought," Maryse revealed. "Mike is not the type who will cry. I've never seen him cry in 12 years, but he's just so cute. You can tell she stole his heart."

Luckily, with technology these days, parents can stay close with their children even while they are thousands of miles away. It's an entirely different reality than it was just a decade ago for traveling parents.

"FaceTime helps because she's changing every day," Maryse said. "I bombard him every day with 100 photos, it's ridiculous. At some point, I have to stop, but he loves it. It's definitely hard but we try to work it out."

Ever since his child was born, Miz has worked that story into his television character. At first, it almost seemed like he was starting to work as a babyface, as the fans started to cheer him following his announcement of father hood.

Since that time, though, it's become clear that he is using it as a way to build even more heat with the fans, just as a true heel would do.

On a recent edition of SmackDown, The Miz spoke about his history with Daniel Bryan but mentioned he no longer has any ill will toward Bryan. He explained this by saying when he looked into his newborn daughter's eyes, he knew he had to be a better man. That let him get a dig in at Bryan, saying he's surprised Bryan doesn't feel the same way, wondering if that means he and his daughter don't have the same kind of bond. Ouch!


Bryan and Miz are set to work a feud at house shows over the next month, but the real treat when these two dads do battle on television, a story that has been building up for a couple of years.