Are the Singh Brothers Done in WWE?

Disappointed in their losing efforts to AJ Styles on SmackDown, Jinder Mahal obliterate what was left of the Singh Brothers. Jinder's wrath, however, may have been more than just a violent outburst, but a way to write the Sing Brothers off of television.

A report from PWInsider claims that the Singhs won't be featured in upcoming WWE programming. Per their story, PWInsider also notes that WWE has been looking to replace the duo for weeks now but have yet to develop a plan. With Jinder discarding his stooges, it looks like WWE officials have taken the first step in creating Mahal's new look.

Losing the Singhs is a significant development for Mahal. During his 6-month reign as WWE Champion, the Singhs were instrumental in making sure Mahal kept his title. In every defense, the brothers somehow factored into the closing moments of each match, typically creating just enough distraction for the Modern Day Maharaja to leave as Champion.

But now, it looks like their gone.

Jinder dooms-dayers would like to think that their removal marks the dissolve of the Jinder Mahal character, but that's a little rash. Given his long run as WWE Champion and WWE quickly manifesting his rematch program with Styles, Mahal still appears to be a priority for WWE.


While Jinder is most certainly unpopular, that's kind of the point. The best argument to make is that WWE is a better product with AJ Styles as Champion, which is valid. However, the urge to keep Styles anointed and keep Mahal out of WWE's highest echelon will supply one of the clearest distinctions between heel and face that WWE has seen in quite some time. Their match at Clash of Champions could be a lot of fun.

In short, Jinder Mahal's ability to be hated makes him a valuable commodity. However, the Singh brothers were a huge part of that. Hopefully, for Mahal's sake, WWE has a thoughtful plan in mind.