Sin Cara Suffers Knee Injury During WWE Live Event

During a WWE live event from Madrid, Spain, Sin Cara suffered what looked to be a serious knee injury.

In a triple threat match with Sami Zayn and Baron Corbin, Sin Cara had his knee pinned awkwardly while trying to avoid a barreling Corbin. His injury appeared to be instant as the Mexican WWE Superstar immediately clutched his knee. The match had to be altered and Sin Cara was helped to the back by WWE staff.

While no injury is ever timely, Sin Cara's comes during a heart-breaking time. The 40-year old just signed a contract extension with WWE and was in the midst of a mid-card push. all indicators looked like he would continue his budding US Championship program with Corbin all the way to Clash of Champions in December. While we still do not know the severity of Sin Cara's injury, it certainly looks like his immediate future is in doubt.

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However, it proves to be mild, Sin Cara may be back in time for Clash of Champions. In the coming weeks, WWE will continue to build Corbin's cross-promotional feud with the Miz. He and the Intercontinental Champion are set to compete at survivor series in 2 weeks. Given that Sin Cara's feud with Corbin was bound to cool off in the name of Survivor Series taking priority, it's possible that Sin Cara's injury will not cost him that much. However if the knee injury is one of structural damage, then consider this silver lining to be used.


WWE has yet to post an update on the injury as they are likely waiting to run Sin Cara tough tests when he gets back to America. As soon as they provide new information, we will provide an update.