Shinsuke Nakamura Returns During WWE SmackDown

Following last week's edition of WWE SmackDown, the blue brand needed a jolt of adrenaline heading into another week of WWE action. They got it Tuesday night with the television return of the King of Strong Style himself, Shinsuke Nakamura.

The main event on this week's broadcast pitted Randy Orton against Sami Zayn with Kevin Owens handcuffed at ringside. Orton got the clean victory, dodging a Helluva Kick from Zayn and rolling him up for the pinfall.

However, after the match, Owens was able to come to Zayn's assitance. He had used bolt cutters to get himself loose from the handcuffs only a few minutes prior, though he was dropped by Orton shortly thereafter.

The pair of Owens and Zayn then attacked Orton relentlessly until Nakamura's theme came on. Shinsuke ran down to the ring for the save to close out the show as he and Orton celebrated to the fan's delight. Nakamura's return (this was his first television appearance since Survivor Series) makes it quite obvious that he will be teaming with Orton to take on Zayn and Owens at the PPV.

This was basically confirmed by Shane McMahon in a backstage segment following the main event. He announced that he (McMahon) will be the special referee for the tag team match at Clash of Champions and said there will be a stipulation that Owens and Zayn will be fired from WWE if they are not victorious.


So, we should expect McMahon to end up swerving everyone and joining Owens and Zayn following the PPV, right?