Shinsuke Nakamura Gets New Entrance Music and the Internet Loves It

There's no denying that Shinsuke Nakamura's heel turn at WrestleMania 34 absolutely invigorated his character.

Though Nakamura is one of the most skilled performers in the WWE and the wrestling industry in general, he had struggled to break through a bit since being called up to the main roster. Some of that was due to his booking, some of that was due to Nakamura himself. All of that withstanding, the heel turn has added a much needed new dimension to his character.

Now, WWE is going one step further.

Nakamura already had one of the best theme songs in the company, the same music he had used since debuting with NXT in 2016. In fact, the theme is so great that the crowd loves to sing it. Instrumentally. For several minutes on end.

Enter the WWE's music department to fix that problem. After all, you don't want a heel's theme song to be sang by the crowd, right?

During the main event of Tuesday night's SmackDown, which saw Nakamura team with Rusev and Aiden English to take on AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows, Nakamura shocked everyone by entering the arena with an entirely new presentation.

Gone is the pulsing titantron with the lights out. Instead, Nakamura's titantron comes on to show a band (Shadows of the Sun) performing his theme song live in a studio setting. Yes, it's the same song, remixed and with Japanese lyrics. You can check out the video below.


The new presentation is powerful and a genius stroke by WWE to get rid of the fans in the live arenas singing along to Nakamura's entrance theme. And to say that the internet loved his new entrance would be putting it mildly.

While Shinsuke's original song was incredible, we think this one may have even topped it.