Sheamus and Cesaro Relive The Match That Made Them 'The Bar'

With Clash of Champions coming up on Sunday, WWE's YouTube channel had Sheamus and Cesaro sit down and rewatch their match from last year's event.

That match was famously the last of the two Superstars' Best of Seven Series, which ended in a surprising draw that prompted then-Raw general manager Mick Foley to pair the two up as a tag team. They then went on to become known as The Bar, and are now on their third reign as Raw Tag Team Champions.

The duo pointed out several big moments from the match, including a spot where Cesaro dove through the middle ropes and near broke his neck when he landed on the floor.

"Here comes the reason why I don't do dives anymore, ladies and gentlemen," Cesaro said. "It's really funny to watch it now. I was just very that I was okay. But that was just a point where we were trying to everybody a point, that we had a chip on our shoulder. We just did whatever it takes."

The match ended via count-out when Cesaro nailed a bloody Sheamus with a clothesline over the guardrail.


"It's still one of my favorite matches," Sheamus said. "Just where we were in our careers, just drifting after the draft. We knew what we could do and never had a bad match."