Seth Rollins Teases a Shield Reunion at WWE MSG

Just barely over a week ago, Seth Rollins commented in an interview with GiveMeSport on what it might take to get The Shield back together, saying "I think it would take a couple of beers, maybe a six pack and a good night and we can all hang out together.

At last night's massive WWE Live event house show from Madison Square Garden, the former WWE champ once again teased the possibility of reuniting "the hounds of justice"- only this time, beer was the excuse!

Closing out the show, Rollins took a pause from celebrating in the ring with former Shield partner Roman Reigns to address the crowd's loud chants of the defunct team's name "The bad news is, Ambrose can't come out because he's probably fifteen beers in at the bar by now. Good news is...we hear you, New York."

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In the final match of the night, Roman Reigns defeated Bray Wyatt. Immediately afterward, Braun Strowman came out to one of the biggest pops of the night. After several more run-out appearances (by Cedric Alexander and R-Truth) the king-slayer Seth Rollins came to the aide of his former partner. The two proceeded to clear the ring of Wyatt (who Rollins is inexplicably in a feud with) and Strowman (who is still not finished with Reigns).

While it's not uncommon for any pairing of former Shield members to be participants in the main event of any house show, or dark match otherwise, there certainly seemed to be more comradery between the two former champs, as well as acknowledging the crowds demand for any hint at a full reunion of the group.

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Rollins had previously said in that same recent interview "It would take a common goal and that's been the big difference I think, in the last few years is that we've all got our individual goals and individual things going on so it would take something pretty massive to take us all away from that and get us back on the same page."


There don't come threats more massive than the possibility of an unholy alliance between Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt, former partners themselves. Perhaps once Dean Ambrose's long-running feud with The Miz and his own newly-formed "Entourage" faction ever comes to an end, the boys will find that common goal to strap up the tac vests once again.

As Rollins hinted, "Never Say Never"... "We Hear You."