Seth Rollins Had the Perfect Reaction to Baron Corbin's Failed Cash-In

Last night on SmackDown, Baron Corbin shocked the WWE Universe by cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. He then shocked himself by swinging and missing at his championship opportunity.

Seth Rollins a man who's 1-1 with Money in the Bank contracts, missed the failed attempt when it happened live. However, while at ESPN headquarters to help promote SummerSlam, someone briefed him. Here's his initial reaction:

While Rollins may not know exactly what it feels like to pull the MITB trigger and miss, his groan indicated some genuine sympathy.

So just like that, Baron Corbin became one of the very few stars to obtain the Money In The Bank briefcase and not successfully become champion with it. Why WWE chose to pull the cord (or the plug) on Corbin's Money in the Bank status is a little perplexing. As Mr. Money in the Bank, Corbin was a shark, one that could lurk around either Championship. This added intrigue. But apparently, WWE didn't feel like they needed the raised stakes and Corbin is now just another guy on the roster.

The idea must be that Corbin now has even more reason to be angered at Cena heading into their match, but we're not sure this really adds much more intrigue. It's a weird circumstance, Cena/Corbin. With Cena leaving the next day for RAW, there's just not too much for the men to fight over. Nikki Bella has shared she'll be at ringside so maybe we can expect some type of scuffle with her. Other than that, we can expect Cena to hit and AA and pin Corbin 1-2-3.


In a single three count, Corbin went from someone who felt like an imminent champion to a talent that could begin a perpetual flounder. However, if he beats Cena on Sunday, then all of this is becomes meaningless as WWE reasserts that they are in fact behind the Lone Wolf.