Advertisement May Have Spoiled WrestleMania 34's Intercontinental Championship Match

An advertisement for a May 10th WWE Live Event in Belfast, Ireland may have just spoiled one of WrestleMania 34's most anticipated matches.

On April 8th in New Orleans, The Miz will put his precious Intercontinental Championship on the line in a Triple Threat Match with Finn Balor and Seth Rollins. But thanks to SSE Arena in Belfast, the results of that contest may have just leaked.

In a promotional tweet, SSE Area said: “Finn Bálor is ready to defeat Seth Rollins - WWE to become the new Intercontinental Champion on May 10th in The SSE Arena, Belfast!”

Maybe the SSE Arena is a big Seth Rollins fan, and are highly confident that the Kingslayer will leave the Superdome as Intercontinental Champion. But what’s more likely is that they’re using a press release forwarded by WWE that just spoiled a WrestleMania match.

However, one of the most important phrases in all of wrestling, and maybe to life, is “subject to change.” That said, WWE has the right to flip the script at any moment between now and WrestleMania. However, at this moment, Rollins looks like the most logical choice to become the IC title’s new owner.

The Miz and Maryse are expecting a child right around WrestleMania, so him taking a paternal leave, even a short one could be enough justification for WWE to crown a new champion. However, while the Miz would gain a first-born child, he’ll lose the opportunity to become the longest-tenured Intercontinental Champion in WWE history.


While Finn Balor is certainly rising in popularity, him winning at ‘Mania feel a little incongruent. Even though he’s talented and handsome, Balor is most just a B+ version of Rollins so for WWE to anoint him would look bad on Rollins, who is clearly a made man in WWE.

We’ll see how this one developed but t looks like the SSE Arena may have made a boo boo.