Seth Rollins Reportedly Set for Massive Post-WrestleMania Plans

In just one hour of RAW, Seth Rollins reminded the entire WWE Universe that he is a main event talent. And apparently, WWE got the memo.

In a recent episode of the Wrestling Observer Radio Dave Meltzer asserted that Rollins’ record-breaking RAW performance was hardly random. Instead, WWE is consciously building the Kingslayer in order to position him against Roman Reigns after WrestleMania.

“Roman’s loss is not just a loss. A lot of the time I get mad when they have a top guy lose for no reason whatsoever. It’s kind of like if you’re a top guy and you lose, it should only be for a reason and this had a reason, I think. I think the reason is that Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins will be working a program down the line. If they’re not, then it was for no reason," said Meltzer.

While WWE may be guilty of listless booking from time to time, the decision regarding the direction of Rollins and Reigns are deliberate. As matter points out, Rollins pinning Reigns will be used to spark a post-WrestleMania feud, likely over the Universal Championship.

Seeing that Reigns has yet to even clinch an opportunity for the Big Red Belt, it may seem like we’re a little ahead of ourselves. However, Reigns' victory at Elimination Chamber can be considered imminent. Ever since WrestleMania 33 shut off its cameras, rumors have perpetuated that WWE had already decided Lesnar and Reigns would meet again at WrestleMania 34.

WWE spent all of 2017 preserving that concept and Lesnar and Reigns only briefly brushed shoulders at SummerSlam. But other than that, Reigns has been occupied with Braun Strowman, Shield Reunions and a stint with the Intercontinental Championship. But now the Big Dog is about to get unleashed back onto WWE’s brightest stage.


It’s been a celebratory week for Rollins. Since turning into a good guy, he’s had to overcome some questionable booking. Even more, once WWE had a good idea for him (tagging with Dean Ambrose and Jason Jordan) injury derailed the plans, leaving Rollins looking like a WrestleMania orphan.

While there are only rumors surrounding Rollins' ‘Mania dancing partner, his prospective feud with Roman Reigns shortly thereafter is something WWE fans are already salivating over.