Scott Steiner Rips Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

In an interview with Ring Rust Radio, Scott Steiner was given the opportunity to speak freely on the state of WWE. What ensued was nothing short of fireworks.

Steiner was asked about today's use of promos for wrestlers.

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"As far as nowadays, I feel sorry for guys, especially with what they do in the WWE. They are cookie cutters. You got 20 or 30 idiot writers with the two biggest idiots being Stephanie McMahon and Hunter McMahon. I say Hunter McMahon because I can't tell which one is the bigger douche, her or him. I'll give him her last name because he's a man without a backbone. So, got those two and the 30 writers trying to write for all these guys and they all got the same mindset trying to make all these characters."

Big Poppa Pump would add:

"When I came up, it was Macho Man and all these other guys and you had to come up with your own stuff. If you didn't come up with your own stuff, you weren't getting over. If you can't relate to the crowd, can't make people hate you, can't make people like you, you didn't have a job. Now it's like do this, do this, do this, and everything is way too staged. It's hard to watch, it really is. I feel bad for the fans because they are cheating the fans and that's what happens when you don't have competition."

Steiner has a history of burying WWE, specifically Triple H and Stephanie. Usually, his quotes are so hyperbolic that they are impossible to take seriously. On this day, Steiner may have found some validity.

Freakzilla is only the latest former wrestler to harshly criticize the current state of WWE. Last week it was Big Show coming down on WWE's formula. Other soundboards like Vince Russo have also shared a negative viewpoint. The point being, that even though this criticism is coming from questionable sources, they are all saying the same thing.


Steiner was last with WWE in 2004. Since he's been gone, he's never hesitated in disparaging his former employer. Even though Steiner is approaching Crazy Old Wrestler Territory, he may have some redeemable points in his latest diatribe.

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