WWE Event Ends After Samoa Joe Busted Open in Match with Roman Reigns

WWE fans attending a live event in Toronto, Canada on Saturday evening had the show end earlier than they were expecting due to an unexpected circumstance.

Samoa Joe was taking on Roman Reigns in the main event of the show when Joe was legitimately and inadvertantly busted open. Fan footage from the event shows Joe bleeding profusely but continuing to wrestle. After medical personnel checked on him, with Joe pleading that he was okay to continue, the match was stopped and the show ended.

You can see footage below.

The match had reportedly only been going for a few minutes when the injury and subsequent cancellation of the bout took place.

Joe is scheduled to face Reigns this Monday night on RAW in a match for Reigns' WWE Intercontinental Championship. That match was announced Friday via Kurt Angle on Twitter. There is a stipulation that if Reigns is disqualified in the match, he will lose his championship.


The cancellation of the house show match between Reigns and Joe on Saturday night shows what a different world professional wrestling is these days. Something like this would have been quite common in years gone by, but with better medical attention and more of an effort to protect performers (and with blood being banned by the company), there really was no choice but to cancel the match in Toronto.