Sami Zayn Brings Kevin Owens To Tears At WWE Live Event

The rivalry between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens has been long documented from their days in the independent wrestling circuit. They signed to WWE at the same time and made their NXT debut around the same time as well and crafted an instant feud that has lasted over three years.

With WrestleMania looming over everything in WWE, the company is doing the last of its live event tour dates before the hectic schedule of getting everything ready for Orlando, but for Sami Zayn, his WrestleMania moment has already happened.

During a WWE live event, Zayn and Owens faced off against each other, but this time in their hometown of Montreal, Quebec that resulted in an emotional stand-off and left Owens in tears. After the match, Sami praised his kayfabe rival and closest friend in reality about their mutual journey together to finally landing in the WWE.

"Everybody knows exactly how long the story between you and me goes," he said. "It started 14 years ago in Montreal. In every church basement, in every community hall, it was you and me, you and me."

"Until we took it to the US, until we took it to England," Zayn continued, "until we took it all around the world until now, where we're in the main in Montreal at the Bell Centre in front of our people!"

Zayn finished off his promo with something in his native French tongue. ""So, I might not like you, but me and these people, in this ring I give you respect." It left the former Universal Champion weeping.

Owens is set to face off against Chris Jericho for the United States Championship in a week at WrestleMania, but as of now, Zayn has no plans for the big night, but this moment between these long-standing rivals was worthy of a "WrestleMania moment."


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