Rusev and Aiden English Tease Split Ahead of Superstar Shake-Up

In one week, Rusev went from Cinderella candidate to someone who WWE is actively punishing. At this point, we have to assume that some of it is real and most of it is fake, but Aiden English just did a wonderful job of blurring the line.

As the musical prelude to every entrance the Bulgarian Brute makes, English is the official muse of #RusevDay. His belting of off-key notes was originally an easy way to chide fans, but over time, it's become one of the more endearing acts in all of WWE.

And it may be coming to an end.

At the moment, WWE has to lead us to believe that Rusev is in the land of double-secret probation—leaving English on the outs. Even more, the Superstar Shake-Up is just hours away and all signs point to Rusev being one of the bigger transaction.

With their relationship dissolving by the moment, English took the time to kiss Rusev goodbye.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 2.57.34 PM

"Gonna miss you bud" and Rusev's liking of the post would appear to cinch the ned of Rusev Day. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Before you get hysterical, it's worth reminding you that this is professional wrestlers using social media. Right now, it is in Rusev, Aiden English, and WWE's best interest to get you to think the end is near. Reports have surfaced claiming that all of this is one big storyline.

Regardless, we commend the dedication to the show by all parties.

This all began when Rusev was booked to face the Undertaker at The Greatest Royal Rumble in a Casket Match. However, after a bad tweet and a TMZ report, things got hairy for Rusev.

Then, When Lana posted the following to Twitter, WWE had to take action.

"All over the world, little boys and girls are celebrating #RusevDay, they smile for the greatest Superstar ever ! I've already spoke with @WWE officials to change that match because I REFUSE to let my husband @RusevBUL compete in a Casket Match at #WWEGRR! Happy #RusevDay"

Her public posting of the "refusal" backed the company into a corner, one where it has to balance whether one mid-card performer -- who has become one of the most over-with-fans on the roster -- to hold the card hostage because of a self-made push.

The WWE responded quickly, if not sneakily, by removing Rusev Day chants from its SmackDown YouTube channel. It also filled the vacancy in the match with someone much more willing to take a fall to the over-the-hill Undertaker: Chris Jericho.


Surprisingly, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reports this is all condoned by WWE and part of a larger storyline. Though we're sure Rusev's frustrations are rooted in some real anger, it appears WWE is using that to their advantage and turning it into an on-going storyline.

Photo: Aiden English/Instagram