Ronda Rousey Leaves Ominous Message for Alexa Bliss

Within minutes of her match with Nia Jax, it was clear Ronda Rousey was ready to become a WWE [...]

Within minutes of her match with Nia Jax, it was clear Ronda Rousey was ready to become a WWE Champion. However, just as victory was imminent, Alexa Bliss ruined everything.

On Monday, Rousey is still fuming at Bliss' heinous act and decided to express her frustrations on Instagram.

"About last night.... I know I had @niajaxwwe beat ... the #rawwomenschampionship should have been mine....but..."

ronda rousey wwe mitb
(Photo: Ronda Rousey/Instagram)

Her second post put Bliss in the cross hairs.

"Apparently cheaters DO prosper in the @wwe - not surprising tbh, given their leadership @stephaniemcmahon @tripleh I don't know what I was doing expecting a certain degree of honor and fair sport. That was MY mistake. I won't make it again. @alexa_bliss_wwe_ .... you screwed over the wrong woman. See you tonight on #Raw"

ronda rousey wwe mitb bliss
(Photo: Ronda Rousey/Instagram)

Rousey's Money in the Banks match provided no shortage of speculation. However, no one could have predicted the actual finish. Bliss winning MITB was something our own Ryan Droste picked out, but not even his clairvoyance had her cashing in an snatching the belt from Jax. Even more, it looks like Bliss vs. Rousey will be the plan for Summerslam.

But before that match is made, WE will have to do something with Nia Jax. Last night showed that she is an elite talent for WWE and should continue to be booked as such. She may get a shot at Bliss at Extreme Rules or perhaps a number one contender's match with Rousey, but at this month her most hopeful option is tossing a SummerSlam Triple Threat match.

As good as Jax is, WWE is probably itching to get Ronda Rousey a title. Money in the Bank showed that she is capable of having explosive singles matches and barring some wretched tactics, it's unlikely Bliss pins Rousey in Brooklyn.

Regardless, WWE's women's division is arguably the healthiest sector in the company. WIth Rousey looking more and more like a transcendental star, WWE looks to have struck gold. But names like Bliss and Charlotte Flair may turn out to be just as impactful. Nia Jax continues to impress, Sasha Banks will always be a capable main event, and new faces like Ember Moon and Ruby Riott will keep things fresh.

Since the Women's Revolution kicked off, the goal has always been to headline a WrestleMania. While it's still early, it certainly feels like that will be the case at WrestleMania 35. And it won't be in an effort to grandstand on a social platform, instead, WWE will simply be living their best option the best opportunity. Women have been screaming for equality in WWE but they are currently on track for superiority.