Ronda Rousey Issues Apology Amid WWE Suspension

Ronda Rousey paid homage to her UFC forefather Ken Shamrock in a terrific display of madness on Monday night. But Rousey's outburst earned her a 30-day suspension and later that evening she apologized.

"@therealkurtangle I sincerely apologize for my behavior tonight.... Though you were the first to put hands on me, I shouldn't have let my temper get the best of me....Despite the fact I was cheated, provoked, and disrespected by Alexa... i shouldn't have been willing to go through you to get to her. I'll gladly serve my suspension ... but Alexa, know that every moment you don't see me i am thinking of you and preparing for your comeuppance. So you in 30 days #LittleMissBish," she wrote on Instagram.

ronda rousey wwe apology suspension

Rousey's attack on RAW Women's Champion Alexa Bliss was justifiable. However, once she put her hands—and briefcase—on Kurt Angle discipline was unavoidable.

"Unfortunately Ronda crossed the line tonight. If Ronda can't take a few verbal "shots", then she needs to reconsider her career in Sports entertainment. This is NOT some fight club. This is WWE. I regret suspending her from Raw for 30 days... but My hope is she'll learn from it," wrote Angle.

It will be interesting to see if Rousey defies Angle and WWE's decision a la Stone Cold Steve Austin. Suspending a fan favorite is one of professional wrestling's oldest tricks and we'd be shocked if Rousey doesn't show her face at least once before her penalty lifts.


However, WWE did confirm that she will be eligible to return on July 18 — a Wednesday. Barring a rule-breaking cameo, we may not see Rousey until the July 23 episode of RAW.

Ronda Rousey suspended from Raw for 30 days

Ronda Rousey has been suspended from Monday Night Raw for 30 days after attacking Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss, two WWE officials and Raw General Manager Kurt Angle.

The incident occurred one night after WWE Money in the Bank, where Bliss caused Rousey's Raw Women's Championship Match against Nia Jax to end in disqualification. The Goddess then cashed in her newly won Money in the Bank contract on The Irresistible Force to claim the title.

Jax will challenge Bliss for the title in a rematch at WWE Extreme Rules. Rousey, meanwhile, will be barred from Monday Night Raw until Wednesday, July 18 — three days after that event.

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