Triple H Kills Big Ronda Rousey Rumor

Last week, news zoomed through the internet about Ronda Rousey finalizing her WWE contract. However, as far as Triple H is concerned those reports were nothing more than the dreaded Fake News.

Triple H joined CBS' In This Corner Podcast and burst the bubble of every wrestling fan holding their breath for Rousey's WWE debut.

"It's funny because every now and then I wake up and I look at either social media or the news and I see a report and it's like, well, that's news to me because I'm the one who would be having that conversation, so it's interesting with 'sources say,'" explained The Game.

However, the rumors of Ronda to WWE are by no means unfounded - things just aren't as imminent as last week's report made them sound.

"Everybody is very busy and I know that from Ronda's side and her team, they are looking for an opportunity. I have made it very clear that an opportunity exists and it's just a matter of us getting together and having conversations," asserted Triple H.

According to the Triple H, WWE and Rousey do have an open dialogue, but neither side seems ready to commit to planning.

"I wish I had something more to tell you than that but we are just kind of talking and feeling where it goes and she is making movies and doing other things. But it's exciting and there is a lot of interest on both sides so let's see where it goes," concluded Triple H.


Rousey's professional wrestling saga really picked up this summer as rumors surfaced on a near-weekly basis. When she had a backstage altercation with Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Bayley, it appeared that a match would be announced soon after. That never happened, yet, the belief remains strong that Rousy will be eventually making her way into a WWE ring.

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