Ronda Rousey Makes Low-Key Threat After Dramatic RAW Debut

Ronda Rousey is trying her best to make a seamless, peaceful assimilation into WWE. But the heinous duo of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have made that impossible.

On RAW, Stephanie and Triple H did their best to smooth over the Elimination Chamber madness. But instead of them apologizing, they demanded Angle issue his mea culpa. However, it wasn't a humbled Angle that came out, it was a fuming Rousey.

Before things got physical, Angle entered the fray and talked Rousey out of everyone. Angle went on to say that his damning anecdote from Elimination Chamber was all one big lie. However, Rousey was still leery of the situation and demanded Stephanie McMahon apologize for the infamous Elimination Chamber slap.

Steph did, but everyone in the building knew it was the desperate act of a sociopath. Then to ensure that things are most certainly not cool, Triple H decked the unsuspecting Angle with blindsiding fist.

And Ronda Rousey isn't happy about it.

"1st day on the job... @stephaniemcmahon slaps me...

2nd day on the job... my fellow Olympian @therealkurtangle, an American hero with pneumonia, gets sucker punched by @tripleh ...

This is far from over." she wrote on Twitter

By design, this situation is only going to get worse. In the weeks leading up to WrestleMania, Rousey and Angle will hunker down in their effort to combat the ultra-corrupt Triple H and Stephanie.

It appears The Authority will do their best to silence Angle, and at this rate, may have him kidnapped within a few weeks. This is all manufactured to make Ronda Rousey look like a hero.

And so far, it's working perfectly.

Rousey, perhaps on purpose, was shaky to a cringe-worthy level when speaking at Elimination Chamber. However, at RAW, she was measured, convicted, and kind of terrifying.

All signs point to her becoming a massive star for WWE.


Photo: WWE