WWE Fans Salty About Ronda Rousey Missing Her First Day of Work

WWE fans were over the moon when Ronda Rousey made a surprise arrival at Sunday's Royal Rumble. However, when she didn't show up for work the next day at RAW, jubilation shifted to resentment.

Upon her arrival, WWE and Rousey confirmed that she signed the contract to be a full-time superstar. That lead fans into thinking that he'd be at every RAW until the world ends. So when she didn't show up, fans were already reeling from the possibility of her becoming the dreaded part-time wrestler.

However, other denominations of WWE's fanbase aren't quite ready to indict Rousey for missing RAW.

For those feeling angsty, there's an outside shot Rousey will be at SmackDown on Tuesday night. However, don't get too upset if she's not - she's likely in Columbia finished her obligations to the Mark Wahlberg movie, Mile 22.


So in the meantime practice some patience and perfect your reaction to her RAW arrival next week.