WWE Rumor: Ronda Rousey Destined to Conquer Asuka's Undefeated Streak?

While Ronda Rousey has gathered plenty of positive support since joining WWE, she does have her fair share of detractors. Specifically, fans and Superstars have already made gripes about WWE's decision making behind Ronda Rousey's debut. However, a freshly milled rumor just emerged that, if true, would rocket the number of Rousey haters.

Having already shattered Bill Goldberg's iconic undefeated streak, Asuka made her October WWE debut with her ability to dominate thoroughly established. Then, she snagged a cornerstone of history by winning the first ever Women's Rumble. However, that moment was overshadowed by the blockbuster arrival of Ronda Rousey. And apparently, Rousey isn't done feeding off of Asuka's plate.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE is building towards Rousey ending Asuka's lauded undefeated streak. This moment would be saved for later in 2018, but WWE has already begun to plant seeds for their feud.

At the end of 2017, Asuka started using the armbar to cinch her matches. However, the added weapon was no coincidence as WWE will use it as ammo to fire up a story with Rousey. For those that will remember, Rousey used the armbar to earn 9 of her 12 MMA victories.

If Rousey does indeed inhale Asuka's win streak, the reception will be polarizing, to say the least. Asuka graduated from NXT with an abundance of well-justified hype. Her fans are some of WWE's staunchest and see her as the future of the company. Keeping her undefeated streak intact is crucial to the potency of her character, and if Rousey ends it within Asuka's first-year on the main roster, well, that would make Rousey an easy adversary for many WWE fans.


This would give Rousey Roman Reigns level heat, but that may be exactly what WWE is going for. There are already rumors that Rousey is set to be pair with Paul Heyman in the early going and that would guarantee her working as a heel. And if it didn't, her extinguishing Asuka's streak most certainly would.

WWE is going to book Rousey to the moon. So consider no accomplishment, no matter how big, to be out of her reach.