Roman Reigns Squashes Fan's Attempt at Fake News

One of the hottest pastimes in WWE right now is figuring out creative ways to oppose Roman Reigns. [...]

One of the hottest pastimes in WWE right now is figuring out creative ways to oppose Roman Reigns. Shielded by Twitter's absence of physicality, one Reigns hater thought he'd make up a damning story about The Big Dog.

Turns out, Roman Reigns reads his mentions.

While most of the Twitter dialogue has been deleted, the bulk of the story hinges upon a fan claiming Reigns told a 10-year old girl to "get lost." Apparently, fans were approaching Reigns and his family during breakfast for autographs and pcitures—a questionable time to ask a favor.

By the sounds of it, Reigns politely turned a few folks away. Instead of being reasonable, one of the jilted turned to social media and concocted a tale that made Reigns look like the heel we're all dying for him to be.

But Reigns sniffed out the slanderous attempt.

"First of all, it was a grown man that approached me while I was feeding my son's breakfast and talking to my daughter. B4 I could finish saying "I'm sorry but I don't get much time with my family", he stormed off calling me a "sell out". That's the truth. Get your gossip right," he wrote.

The fan in question responded to Reigns' correction, asserting that the 3-time WWE Champion was telling a lie of his own.

"Wow!!! My daughter was there with me. To lie to your fans so you don't look bad in front of them is pathetic. To think I told my daughter you were a decent guy from our hometown #Pensacola makes me look like terrible dad. Thanks Joe!!!"

While we weren't there, we'll confidently side with Reigns on this matter. Just because he's more famous than most people doesn't mean has to forfeit his right to enjoy a public meal with his family. The sarcastic Carl Handy was right to at least ask for permission, but like everything in life, timing is crucial. Don't be like Carl Handy, world—if you want an autograph from someone, ask yourself "is this person a human, like me?"

If the answer is yes, then try to dig for some empathy. By the time you find it, Roman Reigns should be done with breakfast and ready to handle any impromptu photo opportunities.