How Roman Reigns Sparked the Best Heel Turn in WWE

The Usos heel turn unlocked a stratosphere of new potential as they transformed from dismissible good guys, to authentically intimidating villains. And it would have never happened without Roman Reigns.

Even though Roman Reigns is technically hero by WWE standards, The Big Dog is no stranger to vitriol. Despite the occasional chorus of boos, WWE has yet to flinch on keeping Reigns a good guy. However, by mere association with Reigns, Jimmy and Jey Uso were met the same brand of disdain. But instead of doubling down, the SmackDown Tag Team Champions saw the juicy opportunity.

In an interview with The Independent, Jimmy Uso discussed the thought process behind ing from cheery, face-painting brothers, to an act that Def Jam records would kill for.

“I think that was the people’s call – the [fans] called that. When we were with Roman Reigns we were getting booed, but then the boos stayed with us. So, we were like ‘Why are we coming out here trying to show our heritage and trying to high-five everybody if they don’t like us?’ For us, it was a case of ‘Well, we don’t like you, either! I think that helped us," he said.

WWE obliged the Usos request to put on the black hat and it’s been nothing short of a smashing success.

"They gave us the [heel] turn and said, ‘It’s your time, what do you want to do?’ When we said what we wanted to do, we knew we had to deliver and I feel like we did deliver, and the people have got with us, which is cool. Going from something good to something better is hard to do, but while I knew we were climbing, I didn’t know we’d get to where we’re at now. From the good Usos with the face paint, we were climbing that mountain and we’re at the top of the tag team division now – that’s just what it is," said Jimmy.


The argument could be made that no one in WWE has a better 2017 than the Usos. Their rivalry with The New Day leadto some of the best and most brutal matches of the year.

They’re now in their third reign as SmackDown Tag Team Champions, and look to be on course for their first ever WrestleMania match. While they’ve always been in attendance, but they’ve never had a match to themselves. But that trend will officially end on April 8th where WWE’s best tag team will finally get their WrestleMania moment.