The Usos Regain Tag Team Championships After Vicious Match at Hell in a Cell

The Usos are 5-time WWE Tag Team Champions.

After a sadistic showing, the match ended after the Usos delivered a double splash on top of a chair to a handcuffed Xavier Woods. The punishing finish serves as the proper microcosm for the match itself.

The New Day was surprisingly sinister before the match, making "biblical" promises for bringing "doom and gloom" to The Usos. Their new layer of tenacity carried over into the match as they continuously brought out weapons with sneers on their faces.

The match itself wasted no time in getting brutal. For the first 1/3 of the content, both teams used weapons (ranging from a bevy of musical instruments to the trust Kendo stick) as their primary source of offense. Both teams used some creative if not tortuous tactics to gain the advantage. On several occasions, either an Uso or New Day-er was pinned down or hung up as their adversaries wailed on them with kendo sticks. In terms of sheer violence, this one pushed the envelope.

In terms of psychology, this is what this match had to be. THere two teams are in a bitter rivalry that has seen them change impressive yet punishing wins through the court some 2017. Tonight was likely a blow-off match and traditionally speaking, those are usually charged by gratuitous violence.

From here, it's tough to guess where each team is heading. For one, we now know that Xavier Woods is healthy having looked to recover from a knee injury that kept him out of action for nearly a month. Big E had a segment of the match where he took over flashing a new side of aggressiveness. aggressiveness. Perhaps WWE could be prong a solo launch for New Day's most imposing member.

As for as the Usos are concerned, they have perched themselves at the apex of their career. Having reinvented their characters into darker versions, the brothers have found a wonderful role in WWE. If they are to move on from the New Day, the only question that bubbles is who's next?

SmackDown's tag division ma is fun, but they are mostly inexperienced. chances are it will be Chad Gables and Shelton Benjamin who emerge are top contenders.

We'll know more after Tuesday's SmackDown!