Why Roman Reigns Should Never Rejoin The Shield

With Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose playing nice as of late, many fans think that it's a matter of time until Roman Reigns makes this Shield reunion complete. But is it a good idea?

On the most recent episode of Bring it to the Table, a show on the WWE Network, host Peter Rosenberg asked JBL and Corey Graves if Roman Reigns should join his former brothers. JBL had an emphatic answer:

"No, absolutely not. Roman Reigns is a guy that I think we want him to carry the company. We want him to sell tickets. Roman Reigns with the Shield did not sell tickets. Roman Reigns as the guy that everybody comes to boo, sells tickets and sells merchandise."

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Since his departure from the Shield, Reigns has gone on to main event WrestleMania 3 times and has won just as many WWE Championships. JBL is not wrong that this version of Reigns is the far more compelling WWE character. As any wrestler will tell you, professional wrestling is about garnering reactions, and no one in WWE gets the crowd juiced like Roman Reigns.

With Roman being the hottest act in WWE, joining Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose at this moment can only be seen as backwards. Love it or hate it, Reigns is a bonafide main eventer, while Rollins and Ambrose have yet to prove that they can be trusted in that spot for long periods of time.

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Instead of wishing for Reigns, we should focus on how well Rollins and Ambrose are doing as a team. For now, we can pencil in a SummerSlam Tag Team Championship match between Cesaro and Sheamus and The Shield- er, most of the Shield.

This is great for the tag division as it needs some help. The Hardys are hemorrhaging momentum and relevance by the week. Maybe the worst thing they can do it keep teasing the arrival of their Broken gimmick. It may never come and every day it's delayed, fans will grow tired of chasing it.

The Revival may be great, but they need a little time to simmer. Anderson and Gallows look to be going neither up nor down for at least the next 5 years. And with that, there's literally nothing left of the RAW Tag Team Division to cover!


Expect a torrid run by Ambrose and Rollins in the tag division. It's going to be fun.