Spoiler on WWE's Plans for Roman Reigns at Survivor Series

With both RAW and SmackDown ratings up this week, it would appear that WWE's brand warfare build for Survivor Series has captured the attention of fans. And Roman Reigns is nowhere to be seen. Yet.

The Big Dog has been out for at least a week after contracting a case of the mumps. However, WWE if Reigns is healthy in time for the November pay-per-view, Vince McMahon and Co. have big plans for him. According to the Wrestling Observer, if Reigns is able he will the leader of Team RAW for Survivor Series.

Considering how WWE wasted no time stuffing the event's card, this is the only landing sport for Reigns. As much as WWE would like to collect on their Shield reunion, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are already booked with The Usos. With other big names occupied, suddenly the Big Dog doesn't have a place to land. However, sticking him atop of Team RAW is an all too logical spot for him.

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While WWE would love to have Reigns at Survivor Series, nothing is guaranteed. As of this moment, we know that Reigns, Bray Wyatt, and Bo Dallas are currently dealing with the mumps. But according to the Observer, there is no clear timeline for their return to action.

"There's going to evaluate (Dallas, Wyatt, and Reigns) a week from Monday is what I've heard," Meltzer said. "That was the plan as of this morning."

This means that trio likely will be missing RAW next week. Essentially it sounds like these three will be quarantined until further notice as WWE have to take the requisite precaution to keep the mumps from wiping out their entire roster.

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WWE finds itself forced to book on the fly; something the all-too-refined promotion doesn't do much of anymore. Reigns spearheading Team RAW at Survivor Series is certainly a prominent spot, but maybe not the plan WWE has a month ago. If were up to them, they'd be in Phase II of this Shield reunion as the Hounds of Justice would have probably teamed together for heir 2nd straight pay-per-view.

But fate has intervened and WWE no has to improvise. Lucky for them us, WWE is at their best when things are most uncertain.